• Samuel Ebiyon Uwawah posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    *Spiritual problem is when you trek 10km to*
    *work just to get there and realized that the*
    *office key is at home ,so u bottle up all the*
    *emotions this time and trek back home leaving d*
    *heavy bag at the office doorstep.on getting*
    *home, now, the house key is actually in the bag*
    *you left,so you boil up a lil bit but work must*
    *go on so u trek back to the office pick up the*
    *bag angrily and make your way back to the*
    *house,on getting home you dip your hands into*
    *the bag and saw the office key. So you just sit*
    *on the floor locate the nearest plantain tree*
    *with red-eyes and shouted make una kuku kill me*


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