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      Please, note that most foods and frozen products we buy from the markets have chemical preservatives. E.g. Beans, Rice, frozen chicken, Turkey, fish etc.

      Some use Snipers to preserve their produce. You do not know which, so safer to presume they all have been SNIPERED.

      Don’t parboil, but simply add salt to cover the items, then boil water and pour over the product and stir, and almost immediately pour the hot water away , then wash the items as you will normally before you cook.

      Par boiling means you’re boiling your food with the preservatives, further incorporating the poison and that is highly dangerous and harmful to your health.

      We learn everyday.
      Remember, knowledge liberates. To reiterate:-

      Salt 1st then pour boiling water over the food, stir, leave for a few minutes, then pour out the water, the poisonous chemical will be eliminated.

      God bless us All.

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