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    One of the the things that scare men the most is premature ejaculation PE.

    PE is largely a psychological problem than medical. 90% of those that suffer PE are simply anxious.

    If they can deal with their anxiety issues, they will have a healthy sex life.

    I had a conversation with somebody the other day that bothered around PE. He told me he only lasts 1-3 minutes per intercourse. His wife is usually complaining of not being satisfied.

    He has taken all sorts of drugs but nothing worked.

    1 minute can be a long time in an intercourse. It can also be a long time depending on how you use it.

    If your spouse orgasm within that 1 minute, it’s a long time. However if you leave her hanging and you ejaculate, that’s a long time.

    This means, both of your satisfaction is key in an intercourse whether it lasts for 1 minute or 3hrs.

    Another woman I talked with told me she doesn’t time how long her husband lasts but she orgasms within three or four thrusts.

    The question is what did the second husband do differently that the first husband didn’t do.

    I’ll share my story to explain this.

    About 20 yrs ago I was going to work when I sat beside this lady inside the bus. She asked me what time it is and I told her.

    A conversation started and that’s how I got her address. A relationship started thereafter.

    The first time she visited my house was pathetic.

    We were kissing each other when I ejaculated.

    Back then, the unwritten law was that you don’t have sex with a lady the first time she comes visiting you. That law rescued me that day.

    The next Saturday she came visiting and I was able to control myself but after the first two or three thrusts I ejaculated.

    She wanted more but I couldn’t deliver. She was obviously more experienced than I was so she taught me how to touch and finger her and she got her orgasm.

    During the week we met and she gave me a particular drug I can’t remember the name. She said it will help me last longer.

    So I started taking the drug on a Friday. I took it again on Saturday morning. She visited on Saturday evening and we started.

    I ejaculated again after 5-6 thrusts. I had to finger her and use my tongue to satisfy her.

    After that, she cut off from me. I visited and was told she wasn’t around. She just went blank.

    3 months later I met this other lady. We dated for about 2yrs. This was when I learnt a lot of things about sex.

    We were seeing about 3 to four times a week. Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Some times she spent the weekend at my place.

    We were having regular sex.

    What I observed was that, the more we had sex the better I became at it.

    I learnt how to pleasure her first before an intercourse. I learnt to put her needs before mine that she has to be satisfied before I get satisfied.

    I discovered her sensitive spots and how to work it. We communicated alot and I came to understand stuffs a lot of people didn’t understand.

    There was this day she spent the night and I went about 7 rounds all night! The next day she asked me if I took drugs. I said no.

    We eventually broke up but I learnt a lot in that relationship.

    The truth is that you can’t be having sex with your wife once or twice a month and expect to be good at it. You won’t be able to compare yourself with that guy that does it 3-4 times a week.

    The more you have sex the better you are at it. The more you have sex the better you are able to handle PE.

    There are a lot of technics I will love to share about how to handle PE but I won’t go into it because they won’t give you maximum enjoyment.

    As for the drugs the first lady gave, I observed that whenever I took the drugs I was very active.

    The drug made me hyper active and strong but it didn’t stop PE. It only made me recover on time after the first ejaculation, giving me another erection.

    The downside to the drug was that it has side effects.

    So why don’t you just relax and try the natural way of beating PE which is constant sex. At least 3 times a week. 12 times a month with one partner because it gives you the opportunity to learn each other.

    If you go trying it with different partners it will confuse your system because what works for one may not work for another.

    Stop listening to those trying to make you feel guilty for ejaculating within 2-3 minutes. They are only doing that to sell their drugs or mixtures.

    Also, if your husband is suffering from PE don’t be anxious. Talk about it and apply what we’ve talked about here.

    Constant sex can cure PE

    I encourage you to put this to work.

    I’ll be waiting to hear your testimony

    You will succeed


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