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      70 ways a husband can show love, because loving your wife can be a piece of cake – sweet and simple.

      husband can show love

      1. Pay her a compliment daily, it could be about her looks one day and about her character the next.
      2. Let her know what God is teaching you once in a while.
      3. Send a romantic or thoughtful text message during the day to show you’re thinking about her
      4. Pick up after yourself.
      5. Clean out her car for her.
      6. If she is working out or trying to eat right and exercise, make sure you tell her how proud of her you are and how hard you know it is.
      7. Change the oil in her car, or do regular maintenance – it makes her feel taken care of by you.
      8. Lock up the house at night so she does not have to do it.
      9. Make time on a regular basis to be with just her.
      10. Hold her hand in public.
      11. Kiss her in public, if she is okay with that.  If she’s not, just put your arm around her waist. 
      12. Bring her a little gift once a month or so
      13. Leave her a little sweet note in surprising places around the house
      14. Hug her for no reason and with no motive every day.
      15. Be proactive about taking care of work around the house, the budget, and spending time with the family – every week.
      16. Take her shopping and buy her a new outfit once in a while
      17. If she ever gets mad enough to walk out, go after her. Chase her and tell her how much she means to you.
      18. Hold her hand while you walk next to each other.
      19. Make dinner once a week (or more if you love doing that).
      20. Meet her after work somewhere for an inexpensive dinner once a week.
      21. Stroke or brush her hair.
      22. Take her hand at church during worship or prayer.
      23. Open doors for her.
      24. Notice when she has her arms full and say, “Here, let me get this for you!”
      25. Never go through a door first, or leave her behind you when you go somewhere.
      26. Switch off the phone or ignore it when you are together.
      27. Make eye contact with her when she is speaking to you.
      28. Say I’m sorry when you hurt her without explaining why you did it or why it is her fault.
      29. Hold her when she cries.
      30. Let her know verbally that she is any one of these things to you:  precious, a treasure, special, important, a gift, the best…
      31. Hold her hand in the middle of the night.
      32. Ask her how her day went and really listen, asking questions.
      33. Wink at her across a room or via text. ?
      34. Deal with the kids one day a weekend, or get them ready for school.
      35. Be quiet when getting ready for work in the morning so she can get needed sleep (women actually need more than men).
      36. Let her get a nap.
      37. Give her a kiss after holding her car door open for her.
      38. Leave her a note if you leave before she does that just tells her she’s special to you.
      39. Smile at her.  A lot.
      40. Smile at your kids.  A lot.
      41. Gently but firmly stand up for her with your kids.
      42. Don’t criticize her in front of the kids
      43. Ask her to pray for you about what you are going through.
      44. Ask her what she thinks – and really consider it
      45. Rub her feet.
      46. Pick her up off her feet and swing her around once in a while.
      47. Take care of yourself physically by staying in (or getting in) shape and seeing the doctor.
      48. Get control of your anger, if you struggle with it. 
      49. Bring her peppersoup if she’s sick.  Better yet, take the day off if you can to let her sleep and you take care of her and the kids.
      50. Ask her to find you a highly rated book on being a better dad or husband – then read it and implement what you read.
      51. Offer to take the baby when he is fussy or sick so she can rest. 
      52. Tell or text to her that she is a good mom – and be specific about something she did that brings that to light.
      53. Tell or text to her that she is a good wife and that you’d be lost without her.
      54. Ask her if there’s anything you can do for her this weekend.
      55. Learn her love language – ask her for help if you need to.
      56. Pray for and with her.
      57. Nibble on her earlobe when you greet her while giving her a hug.
      58. Nuzzle her neck when hugging her.
      59. Hug her from behind when she is standing at the sink or changing table.
      60. Always thank her for making dinner and find something to compliment about the meal.
      61. Offer to drive the kids where they need to go on the weekend.
      62. Insist that she takes time to read a book, spend time with her girlfriends, or whatever else fills her up.
      63. Buy her a little jewelry item for no reason – unless she is not into jewelry.
      64. If she has a hobby, even one that does not include you, get her a little gift that supports it.
      65. If her shoes are scuffed, polish them for her without saying anything. 
      66. When she complains, empathize with words like “Oh, I’m so sorry! Is there anything I can do to help?”
      67. Once in a while, take her out to a romantic dinner.
      68. Tell or text her, “I’m so glad you are our kids’ mom.  You really know them.”
      69. Continue doing these things until they become habits.  Commit to continuing to grow as a husband and don’t stop trying to communicate love to your wife.  She needs it daily.  Like you need respect.  Like you both need air.
      70. And if in doubt, give her diamonds.

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